vrijdag 1 augustus 2014

donderdag 31 juli 2014


It's also a pity when an improvised meal turns out really good, I can never make it like this again.

woensdag 30 juli 2014


Hihihi! No, it's nothing. Something very stupid. You wouldn't think it's funny.

dinsdag 29 juli 2014


Hmm… I still have so many vacation books I'm going to have to work hard to actually read them all.

maandag 28 juli 2014


Gee, after this unplugged vacation I feel much more independent.

vrijdag 25 juli 2014


Aah… what a great vacation! I haven't been so thoroughly bored in a long time.

woensdag 9 juli 2014


There's nothing here, not even wifi. For once we are truly completely gone…

maandag 7 juli 2014


It is getting more and more difficult not to talk about football.

woensdag 2 juli 2014


Hey. What? But I am here.
Ooh no, I'm not!
Ah shit, sorry.
No, I didn't forget, I rolled over 1 more time.

dinsdag 1 juli 2014

maandag 30 juni 2014


We don't have to necessarily also talk about football now do we?

vrijdag 27 juni 2014


I feel like I still have some sort of garlic-aura from yesterday.

donderdag 26 juni 2014

woensdag 25 juni 2014


Looking for 4 leaf clovers becomes even more addictive when you actually find one.

dinsdag 24 juni 2014

maandag 23 juni 2014


I'm doing something wrong… my to-do-notes are starting to get in the way of the doing.

donderdag 19 juni 2014

woensdag 18 juni 2014


If you want them too you have to do some groceries over 5 euros.
No hang on, then you should choose the hat!

dinsdag 17 juni 2014


Look, I've got my first mosquito bite. Now it really is summer!

maandag 16 juni 2014


I was actually already standing like this with the clippers when I suddenly thought
about that hop on Thursday that turned out the opposite of what I had in mind.
So I didn't do it.

donderdag 12 juni 2014

woensdag 11 juni 2014


I really look forward you having read this book too, than we can talk about it.

dinsdag 10 juni 2014

maandag 9 juni 2014


I secretly really like those 'what are you' tests on facebook.

vrijdag 6 juni 2014


Ooh... I always thought nobody could see my eyes with these sunglasses but all those times they could!

donderdag 5 juni 2014


I want to seize this World Environment Day to confess that I once threw my
separated plastic in the normal container so I wouldn't have to walk extra. Sorry.

woensdag 4 juni 2014

dinsdag 3 juni 2014


This is stupid really: I'm not looking at what I'm leafing through now,
but at what else I want to leaf through next.

vrijdag 30 mei 2014

donderdag 29 mei 2014

woensdag 28 mei 2014

dinsdag 27 mei 2014


With this color I hold a brilliant solution or a miserable failure in my hand.

zondag 25 mei 2014


If you use your vocal cords with it, sneezing is extra nice.

vrijdag 23 mei 2014


When I sit in high grass like this I feel as if I'm in a total different place.

donderdag 22 mei 2014

woensdag 21 mei 2014


With this body language I'm increasing my self-confidence. And I'm sure that it's working aleeady.

vrijdag 16 mei 2014


They only had Hello Kitty blister plasters. But in a survival situation you do not have the luxury of choice.

donderdag 15 mei 2014


This would be a beautiful composition if that one building was a bit more to the left and slightly skew.

woensdag 14 mei 2014


I woke up because of a very annoying, stuttering lawn mower, but it turned out to be my own snoring.

maandag 12 mei 2014


I know I've been staring like a zombie for quite a while. Yet I linger.

vrijdag 9 mei 2014