maandag 25 mei 2015

vrijdag 22 mei 2015


You have to close your eyes when you turn, you'll feel drunk even faster. Woeaaaaaah...

donderdag 21 mei 2015


Aah come on, I mean that one writer... It's on the tip of my tongue.

woensdag 20 mei 2015


Yeah... that extensive spring salad for lunch does feel nice and healthy,
but I'm already starting to get new appetite again.

dinsdag 19 mei 2015

maandag 18 mei 2015

vrijdag 15 mei 2015

donderdag 14 mei 2015


I was having very deep thoughts about heaven, life and death.
But because of that chicken shaped cloud I can now only think of one thing.

woensdag 13 mei 2015

dinsdag 12 mei 2015


Why do I never grab the bigger bowl right away? This one is always to small.

maandag 11 mei 2015


Sorry, I know I'm shutting you out. It's not you, it's me. 
And my screen. But I'll always love you, sun. Really!

vrijdag 8 mei 2015


There, nice! Sometimes you have to do actual clearing and cleaning up
to make your head clear and clean.

donderdag 7 mei 2015


Oooh, I can't watch another talent show audition... My hands are all sweaty and sometimes I even forget to breath! Okay just one more.

vrijdag 1 mei 2015


Shit... I also wanted to relax but here I am playing a stupid game with the opposite effect!

donderdag 30 april 2015

dinsdag 28 april 2015


What? O wait, you probably just said something really weird to see if I was listening.

maandag 27 april 2015


Don't you think the king would just like to get a döner on a day like this?
With a solid dash of garlic sauce?

vrijdag 24 april 2015


Kind. Hearty. Best. Greeting. Greetings. Greets. Regards. Bye.
Good day. good bye. Farewell. Or maybe just J.

woensdag 22 april 2015


I'm quitting facebook. It's already been 20 minutes since I posted a really good joke and nobody comments.

dinsdag 21 april 2015

maandag 20 april 2015


There, monday afternoon after five: the end of the beginning.

vrijdag 17 april 2015

donderdag 16 april 2015

woensdag 15 april 2015


Hey... What's... I smell... Oooh, there goes my reputation! This year I'm not the first BBQ-er.

dinsdag 14 april 2015


That one book I didn't finish because I thought it was stupid... I can't stop thinking about it.

maandag 13 april 2015

donderdag 9 april 2015

woensdag 8 april 2015

dinsdag 7 april 2015


No, that recalcitrant tuft is still here? And I just went shopping like this!

vrijdag 3 april 2015


Near Easter is the time of year I still deem it highly possible to look tight again before summer.

donderdag 2 april 2015


Ugh... the kind of day where I'm busy the whole time but in the end actually got nothing done.

dinsdag 31 maart 2015


Woeh! Did you see that flash? That was me. Without pedaling on the bike. Pure wind energy.

woensdag 25 maart 2015


Hey, do something funny to keep me awake please.
Otherwise I might start snoring. Or drooling. Or even both.

dinsdag 24 maart 2015


Mmm... sometimes you just have to do what you feel like and stop to realize habits are not laws.

maandag 23 maart 2015


Aah... now I'm done with starting up I am fresh and awake to wrap up this Monday.

donderdag 19 maart 2015

woensdag 18 maart 2015


Shit, now just like that all the chocolates are gone because I saw them lying here all the time.

maandag 16 maart 2015


Typical... the whole weekend grey and cold and Monday it's suddenly fine weather again.