vrijdag 27 november 2015


I didn't drink coffee this whole week... I think I became a tea'er.

donderdag 26 november 2015

dinsdag 24 november 2015

maandag 23 november 2015


How can you tell yourself stress never works when you're already in stress.

vrijdag 20 november 2015

donderdag 19 november 2015

woensdag 18 november 2015


Hello? Aagh, this is the kind of voicemail where it seems like someone actually picks up.

dinsdag 17 november 2015


Hey, what was it now? Just now on the toilet I had this beautiful sentence...

maandag 16 november 2015

vrijdag 13 november 2015


Yeah, this maybe the kind of party you would have tattooed on your belly...

donderdag 12 november 2015


I get even angrier when I remember I'm this angry because of just nothing.

woensdag 11 november 2015


Can you imagine?
That somewhere out there maybe there is a planet where there could also be an Os and Jo?

maandag 9 november 2015


I sometimes forget that remembering something simple can be very difficult.

vrijdag 6 november 2015


Ooh wow! I just always sound so awesome here.

donderdag 5 november 2015


I'm always right. Almost always. Mostly. Really pretty often. 
Okay, sometimes I'm wrong.

woensdag 4 november 2015

dinsdag 3 november 2015

maandag 2 november 2015


All those pears are ripe at the same time.
Pears are super tasty now.
I really eat loads of pears.
You do eat pears, don't you?
Maybe we have a little to many pears.

donderdag 29 oktober 2015


If we do this real quick, we can go back to doing something fun.

woensdag 28 oktober 2015


When I do this, I feel n ache in my neck. Yet, I do it quite often, just to feel if it still aches.

dinsdag 27 oktober 2015


Huh? How did I go from 'make a drawing' to 'renew my library books' in my head?

maandag 26 oktober 2015


Oooooh... Daylight Saving Time! That's why my biorhythm is all mixed up.

vrijdag 23 oktober 2015


I put on a tie now, so this afternoon I can throw it off very theatrically to really start the weekend.

donderdag 22 oktober 2015


Hey, I'm going to hide these extra crisps.
Then, when I suddenly find them again after a couple of months, I can be very pleasantly surprised!

woensdag 21 oktober 2015


I don't see why everyone is talking about this...
Ooh, or could this be one of those series you think is either super or crap?

dinsdag 20 oktober 2015


Huh... I'm sometimes so targeted that I don't see nice things and miss surprises.

maandag 19 oktober 2015


Yes, but I don't know that side and with this side I know for sure it's nice and not to long.

vrijdag 16 oktober 2015


No... incredible! Is this really the same wine I found so putrid last time?

donderdag 15 oktober 2015


Maybe this year I do... No, I don't feel like wet bleak autumn chill this year neither.

woensdag 14 oktober 2015


Yes, I know exactly where it is...
In a folder in one of those temporary folders in the folder with projects
that are in a folder named 'today-1, -2 or -3'.

dinsdag 13 oktober 2015

maandag 12 oktober 2015


Ooh nee... Ik hoop niet dat dit zo'n verrassings-make-over is
en we straks heel verrast en enthousiast moeten reageren voor een camera.
Ooh no... I hope this isn't one of those surprise-make-overs
and in a moment we have to react really surprised and enthousiastic in front of a camera.

donderdag 8 oktober 2015


I think I find 'What are you thinking about?' one of the most difficult questions.

maandag 5 oktober 2015


I have this feeling something special is going to happen,
but now I don't know if I have to wait for it or just do as I usually do.

vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

donderdag 1 oktober 2015


Hm, if it was bluish, round and 5 euro instead of greenish, square and 6 euro I perhaps would like it.

dinsdag 29 september 2015


Aah shit, somebody already made my joke!
Now I have to come up with something new and even funnier to comment...

maandag 28 september 2015

vrijdag 25 september 2015

donderdag 24 september 2015

woensdag 23 september 2015


If you look closely to a hedge like this, you'll see it's actually a sort of mega-flat for spiders.

dinsdag 22 september 2015


Wait! Don't crunch yet, I might be getting a good idea just now...

maandag 21 september 2015


Such a stupid joke I don't want to laugh at it... but because of that the more!